Nanight C3

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The Nanight C3 is a durable and heavy duty dive light for any dive environment.
With an 5° spotlight, the light provides an incredible reach even in bad visibility.
The canister mount is a robust design of A4 Stainless steel and the goodman handle is made of high grade carbon fiber.
The light is equipped with simple reliable magnetic switch without any complicated mechanics, that will sustain years of use in salt water.
The C3 is optionally equipped with a Charge Port, with an bayonette mount cap makes charging a breeze. The charge port connector is completely waterproof, even without the cap. 

Note! We currently have 2 weeks of build time on the C3.

The C3 includes:
- C3 head, battery canister and cable
- High quality Panasonic Li-ion battery
- Protective case 
- Soft goodman handle
- Carbon Hard goodman handle
- Charger
- Charge Port (optional purchase)
- Canister Velcro quick strap
- Stainless Steel Canister Mount
Technical Data
- Light output: 4000 emitter lumens
- One powerful Cree XHP70 LED
- Color temperature: 6000k
- Beam angle: 5°
- Max depth: 200m
- Double o-ring sealed
- 4 step dimming
- Temperature monitoring of the LED
- Effective cooling
- Magnetic switch
- Automatic Light Intensity Stepdown
- Cable length: 1200mm
- Burn time up to*: 7 hours (including step down to lower levels) 
* Burn time varies with power level and time may be decreased by low temperatures, age, excessive usage etc. 
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