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The Nanight Tech 2 is the latest edition in the Tech series. Designed for more advanced diving or outdoor activities where powerful light and a long burn time is needed. This separate light head can be powered from a DC power source with a wide range of voltages.
Due to Covid-19, unfortauntely we have longer delivery times. Expect 1-3 weeks.
The Tech light head includes:
- One lens 10°(default), 35° or 55°
- Optionally one E/O connector. SPECIFY cable length (max 115 cm) in checkout comment.
Technical Data
- 10V - 25V input
- Max depth: 100m (500 m with optional AGRO glands - email us)
- Microprocessor controlled light intensity
- PWM controlled 4 step dimming
- Temperature monitoring of the LEDs
- Effective cooling
- Magnetic switch
- 3x Cree XHP-35
- Light output: 4000 emitter lumen 

- Cable length (non E/O): 1200mm (default) or 1350mm

Total Lamp Weight: 250 g
Head Length: 8 cm
Diameter (Tube): 5,5 cm
NOTE: Automatic Light Intensity Stepdown and battery indicator can be configured for either 4S (14.4V nominal, 16.8V top) or 3S (11.1V nominal, 12.6V top) lithium ion batteries.
It can be turned off completely (select 5V-25V) if you need to use the light head on different batteries.
Manual dimming is alwasy available though.
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