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The Nanight Sport Video is designed for video and photo illumination.
The ultra wide beam angle combined with the high color rendering index makes it easy to capture fantastic video and photos of all the sparkling colors of the under water world.
The light is delivered with 1" ball or YS camera arm adapter to be compatible with your camera arm setup.
Then Nanight Sport Video is optionally equipped with the new Charge Port 2.0 for simple charging without having to take apart your light. The new Charge Port 2.0 does not need a cap while diving.

Delivery is usually 2-10 days.
User Manual
The Sport Video Kit includes:
- Nanight Sport Video
- High quality rechargeable Panasonic Li-ion battery pack
- Charge Port 2 with overpressure valve (Optional purchase)
- Protective case
- Charger
- 1" ball or YS arm adapter
Technical Data
- Light output: 4000 emitter lumen
- Beam angle: 160°
- Color temperature: 6000k
- Max depth: 500m
- Temperature monitoring of the LEDs
- Effective cooling
- Magnetic switch
- 4 step dimming
- Automatic intensity step down
- Total Burn time* (including step down):
      - Level 4: 2 h 45 min
      - Level 3: 3 h 25 min
      - Level 2: 5 h 25 min 
      - Level 1: 12 h 15 min
For a detailed burn time chart, see the User Manual linked above.
Lamp Weight: 500 g
Weight in freshwater: ca 150 g
Length: 15 cm
Diameter: 5,5 cm
* Burn time varies with power level and time may be decreased by low temperatures, age, excessive usage etc. 

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