Power Canister G2 192Wh D - For heat vest or lights

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192 Wh Li-Ion battery pack with dual outpus voltage and built in USB C charger.

This battery pack can be used as a power source for heat vests or any light head with E/O cord connector. Up to 4 different voltages can be configured and used during the dive.

The battery pack can also be used as a USB power bank.


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The Power Canister G2 192-D is the next generation of Power canisters from Nanight. The Power Canister offers dual outputs to eliminate the need fo separate battery packs for lights and electric heat systems.

Output 1 supplies regulated power of 5-20V. 4 power settings are configurable and can be selected during the dive to control the heat. 

Output 2 supplies the battery voltage and is used for light heads.

Output voltage output 1: 5-20V

Output voltage outpu 2: 14.4V

External connector: 2xE/O


192 Wh (2x 96Wh batteries inside, which are allowed for flying) ->

- 17400 mAh at 11V

- 13400 mAh at 14.4V

Max power at output 1: 100W

Max power at output 2: 150W

Max total power at output 1 and 2: 150W

- Default E/O cord length on the regulated side (for heating) is 80 cm.

- Default E/O cord length on the unregulated side (14.4V nominal for light head) is 90 cm. Contact us for custom length.

- Includes Canister Mount HD


Weight: 1600 g

Length: 34 cm

Diameter: 5.5 cm 

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