Micro Tech 2

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The new Micro Tech 2 is a powerfull canister dive light in small format. It contains a rechargeable lithium ion battery and is either shipped with Charge Port 2.0 OR with the Charge Port overpressure vent only. User upgradeable to a full Charge Port.

Delivery is usually 2-10 days.

Manual Nanight Tech 2 (Note that burn times are different for Micro Tech)

The Nanight Micro T2 includes
– Nanight Micro T2
– Triple Cree XHP35/XML3
– 10° Lens
– Soft Goodman Handle
– Standard Canister Holder
Technical Data
– Light output: 4000 emitter lumen
– 4 step dimming
– Temperature monitoring of the LEDs
– Magnetic switch
- High quality rechargeable Panasonic Li-ion battery pack
- Automatic Light Intensity Stepdown
– Max depth: 100 m
– 500 gram on the surface (without Batteries)
– in the water: Head: 50 gram, Body is approx 250 gram
– 120 cm cable
– Color: Black
Starting in maximal level: 2 Hours (50 mins in full – rest with step down)
Starting at lowest level: 5 hours

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